How Can I Become a Tavster?

To live like a Tavster, is to live your life where you can be part of something bigger than yourself, while pursuing your own goals, dreams and ambitions.

It’s more than just living for yourself, but also to be able to live a life for others who also deserve to have a better chance of a better future.

In order for you to be a Tavster, all you need to do is join the Tavster Movement.

What is the Tavster Movement?

The Tavster Movement focuses on helping various charities and causes. Every merchandise on our Tav Store gives back 10% of the profits to these causes.

Pay it forward by wearing the Tav shirt or any of the Tav merchandise wherever you are wherever you go and spread the message of the Tavster Movement!

Are you a Tavster?

Are you a Tavster? 01
Are you a Tavster? 02

Use the hashtag #Tavster and spread the Tavster Movement!