Tav the Duck Puerto Rico Strong T-Shirt


Royal Blue

Join us to make the world better, one person and one purchase at a time! If you are only planning to help out once, make it a Tav the Duck Puerto Rico se Levanta T-Shirt and make an Impact. 100% Of The Net Proceeds From this T-Shirt sales will go directly towards Hurricane Maria Relief efforts. 

The Island of Puerto Rico was decimated after Hurricane Maria and it will take years for the people of Puerto Rico to recuperate. As an Architect, houses and buildings will always have a natural appeal, therefore, Tav the Duck is looking at long-term commitment to helping in the reconstruction of the houses that were destroyed. The 1st Phase will be to partner with International Relief Teams which will be sending heavy duty tarps for damaged or destroyed roofs of homes so that these families and their belongings can be protected from the elements until their roofs can be repaired.


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