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Little Noah

Little Noah is nothing short of a Miracle Kid!

At such a young age, he has suffered from a rare and serious heart defect called Left Hypoplastic Heart Syndrome.

He had his first open heart surgery when he was only two days old, then at a second surgery at five months old and now at the age of 2 he had his third surgery.

Noah was also recently diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, a very rare genetic defect, attributing to his hypotonia (low muscle tone) and a variety of other serious conditions.

Not only that, he was also born with a club foot. Which would mean he would have to undergo another surgery, just after he recovers from his other previous surgeries.

This precious little boy has endured tremendous pain and much hardship due to his health challenges, yet despite these physical complications, he has managed to thrive and grow. This kid is a fighter! He is truly a Miracle Kid!

However, his mother Lissette, was forced to leave her full-time job to care for him. So his  his father Joe, a NYPD officer, as the family’s sole provider.

Not only does this family have to cope with the mental exhaustion of this fight, but they are also struggling financially.

The ongoing medical expenses (rehab, hospitalization, etc.) have placed an extreme financial hardship on the family.

In their efforts to give Noah the best care possible, their debt has become unmanageable; and despite having health insurance — it’s a nightmare because it only covers only the bare minimum.

If you would like to follow his progress, you may go to his Facebook page.

Partner with the Tavster Community, as we help little Noah get the medical treatments he needs and help this family get through this challenging financial period with each purchase you make!

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