The Tav Brand

The Tav Brand’s mission is to spread the Tavster Movement across the Globe!

More than just an apparel, we aim to be an apparel with a cause.

When you purchase any of our Tav Merchandise, we make sure that your purchase also gives back to these charities to help families and children have a better chance of a better life.

Our goal is to reach out to hundreds of charities around the world. Currently, we are supporting 3 main charities that are dear to our hearts.

But this doesn’t end here, we are in the process of expanding our reach to various causes and charities as we grow our brand.

The Team

Krismelys E. Diaz

Founder / CEO

Mad Artist, Creator and Orchestra Conductor of the Awesome Team who believed in Tav the Duck, and without any of them, none of this would’ve been possible.


Lives in: NYC


Samantha Justine


Master Crafter of Words. With her power of persuasion through words, she can move people to do whatever you want them to do. But don’t worry! She only uses her evil genius for the good of mankind

Lives in: Philippines

Fahad Mahmood


Also known as Superman of Web Development, coming to the rescue, to solve the most difficult problems! Also, he has a weakness. His kryptonite is honey! Just bribe him with honey, and you’ll have him on his knees!

Lives in: Pakistan

Sky Davis


Her power lies in her joyful laughter and creative mind with designing this website, lighting up the world as she spreads her creative prowess


Lives in: NYC

Hadassah Rodriguez

Social Media

Future Lawyer, aspiring actress and Social Media Maven. Do not be deceived by her youth, with all of her tricks up her sleeve, ambitious in nature, and kind-hearted in person, she’s the perfect personification of a Tavster.

Lives in: New Jersey

Carlos E. Diaz


The man with the magic camera, capable of turning the most dire scenery into a beautiful portrait. His magical third eye, sees the beauty of the people and captures the good even in the darkest of situations.

Lives in: Dominican Republic

Abraham Roman


A Spiderman of IT Tech by day, masterfully weaving all of our complicated techie stuff. A James Bond by night (he swears he’s James Bond in real life!). If you wanna get to his good side, just bring him some chicken nuggets!

Lives in: NYC


Krismelys E. Diaz
Founder and CEO of Tav the Duck